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  Ceiling Speakers

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 Multi-room Audio Solution

You can have classical music played in dining room while lady of the house is listening to her favorite radio channel in kitchen and kids in basement enjoy their hip-hop playlist. That is what multiroom-audio automation is. Using your smart device or even our touch screen universal remote, you could map each of your audio sources to be played in any room you want.

If you already have ceiling speakers and all the cables have been pulled to a central location. we will be able to install and program your speaker system. If that is not the case, still no problem; it will just take a bit more time and money on either cable running or wireless speaker system. Please speak to an ARSO representative to learn about different options for your house.


Stream Directly From Your Ipod

Usually people have all their favorite musics stored in an ipod or smartphone. Since ARSO Automations is a fan of using what you already have, audio automation is programmed based on your pre-owned devices. There few options for you to play your musics.

1. Wirelessly stream through wifi network

2. Insert your ipod into a dock we provide and then use any tablet, smartphone, computer or our remotes to play your favorite music

3. If you don't have an ipod, don't worry. We put all your favorite playlists into a central hard drive and then you can play music in any room you are from one of the controlllng devices. 


Play Any Song in Any Room 

When we set up a smart audio system for your house, you could play your favorite musics no matter where in house you are. For example when you press "morning-time" button on your wall-mounted touch screen, selected musics are played in bathroom while you are getting ready to go out for another wonderful day. In some packages, the system could be programmed such that while you listen to a classical music in living room, kids would be listening to their own favorite songs without interfering you. 


Play It With Your Mood

We even take a step further to ensure your comfort and peace of mind. Many times you dont even want to spend time to select a song just because you want something to be played in the background. By programming pre-defined playlists and scenes, you could just select a scene from your tablet or smartphone and the right category of music plays along. Of course by selecting a scene, your lights could dim or fireplace would go on if you want to.

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