What do we provide for you?


Over years of gaining experience and maintaining close relationship with home owners, we have been the master at providing the best products and services that home owners love. Now let's explain how YOU, as a residential developer, benefit from working with ARSO! 

Home Automation is not just about some plug and play equipments to get to pretend a service was provided. Indeed, it is a mixture of planning & design, engineering, programming and the art of implementation. That is why ARSO commits itself to provide the right products and services specifically designed for each project based on today's market needs and developers' budget. 





What makes us unique in this market, is the right planning and design delivered by ARSO engineering department and implemented by ARSO electrical. 

1. Based on your project's floor plans, we will gather the basic information and a general idea on what are the dimensions of the project and how we could design and implement all systems in the right place. Floor plans help us determine and suggest the right product quantities and better service selections based on your project inputs.

2. After your floor plan layout is done, ARSO Design Department will start sketching the rough-in and wire diagram to exactly illustrate how each wire should be ran by our experise ecelticians. We want to make sure right wires go behind the right walls. ARSO cares so much to put the most proper wiring foundation for system expansion by future home owners. Having solid wiring is not only inexpensive to do at all,  but also you can buil your company's reputation by placing all the necessary wires and let future home buyers spend on their preferred equipment and systems.

3. Right after wiring schematic has been sketched, equiment come in and get integrated through wire or wirelessly to eachother. Alongside with the equipment user's manual, we also provide a well-defined equipment integration map to illustrate how devices are connected, where they are being placed, with what type of wire and cable they operate and how they are being installed to ensure high service quality and avoid misunderestanding and time consuming costly product re-installment.

4. Now it's time for us to design your preliminary system based on your project inputs and preffered budget. Our project management team then will sit down and explain how and why each product/service is suitable for your project. At the end of the session, you will have a great image on how your finished project may look like and how you can impress your future home buyers.







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