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Trade Show Demo

This video gives you a very general idea of what home automation is and what we do to make lives interesting at homes or offices. 


Universal Remote - Simple TV Control

This video demonstrates how you can benefit from our integrated universal remote designs. Do not juggle remotes any more.


Inexpensive Automation Solution

If you don't have budget for whole home automation systems, you could get started with our basic solutions for under $500. Ask us about limitations.


Inwall Touch Screens

Some times you need more than your main touch panel to control your home. This interface has combination of hard buttons and touch screen and is a cost effective solution to ease the control of your home.


Custom Home Builder Page

If you are a custom home developer, make sure you watch this video. It shows you how you can impress home owners by providing floor view of their home on the interfaces with your logo displayed.


Intelligent Showing

Scenes are used to create a magical environment inside home. This video shows how we can use our intelligent showing to automate your selling process and of course leave your stamp in buyer's mind.

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