Commercial Property Automation

Whether you have a any kind of commercial space like boardrooms and offices or even restaurants and sports bars, an automation system can greatly increase efficiency by providing easy to use interfaces and “one button” processes that can be operated by non tech personnel just as easily. Click the icons below to find out in detail how we can tailor each system for your specific needs.

Boardroom/Office Automation


A new boardroom should be able to easily accommodate traditional presentations with a dedicated PC, as well as modern meetings wheres everybody brings their own device to present, whether it will be a MacBook, Surface Pro, Phone or Tablet.

Traditional wall jacks often become too cumbersome to use, requiring the use of multiple adapters due different port technologies that are... (Learn more)

Restaurant Automation


Running a restaurant during game time is no easy task! And while serving food and satisfying the customers can be a smooth process due to experienced staff, adding resposibily of managing the  Audio, Video, Shades, Lights and Music side of the restaurant to the customers liking is something most are not trained in and often slow the rhythm the staff way down. Automation system are... (Learn more) 



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