Smart medical clinics and healthcare facilities can always bring the most soothing experience to their clients with the right music, video and lighting in designated sitting areas, hallways and other common areas. But the benefits of an automated facility is not just its luxury:
  • Scheduled lighting system can save tremendous amount of money and energy.  Set you all of your interior lights to shut down at a specific time; while your exterior lights dims down to 40% in the morning and automatically comes back on to 100% at sunset.

  • You can receive email or text message notifications for your alarm and security system in case there is an emergency.

  • View  and access your camera recordings from any part of the world online on your tablet and smartphone.

  • Click on one of your pre-programmed automation keypad buttons to take control of everything at once! Let’s say you hit “Closing” button and all doors get locked, HVAC temperature adjusts, security system is armed, all multimedia devices turns off and you do not have to worry about every single item before closing the store.