Entertainment System Automation
If you are using multiple remotes and press more than one button to watch your favorite channel on TV, you are doing way too much work. TV room is where the family sits together to relax and enjoy. Why would you have to worry about all those input settings and remote juggling when you can have relaxing and quality time?
Whether its from your ipad or our beautiful touch screen universal remote, you simply click on CTV channel icon and WALLAH; everything is done automatically. Your TV turns on, the receiver turns on, the sound volume are set to the right level, your rogers box is switched to CTV, all the inputs are set and the lights slowly dim down. Imagine all of that in one click. Now you know this is possible, can you imagine pressing all those buttons (if you know which ones they are) to just watch TV?
There are many other great benefits to home theatre automation. Once an automation specialist comes to your home for consultation, they can tell you what’s possible and make all of your devices to be controlled the way you want; not the unreasonable way they are out of the box.