Control Everything in Your Home from One Central Location!!
The main goal behind a fully automated home is to let the user operate their surrounding environment such as the lights, audio, video, climate and everything in between at the comfort of their bed or couch. Instead of painstakingly learning to work with separate systems such as the alarm panel, thermostat, different tv remotes and so on each with their quirks and designs, you can enjoy a unified, simple to use and consistent interface.
Wireless Light Control
A fully customized interface with a 3D floor plan of your house is designed to make smart lighting control easier than ever. Simply click on the light bulb icon on your in-wall iPad and the lights will instantly but yet dynamically turn on or off. You can also dim the same lights at tip of your finger. And if you have used dimmers in your house before, you know how calming this would be.
Smart Climate Control
Having the house at the right temperature when you get home, has always been a “Wanted” in Canada. With our smart thermostats you will be able to control the climate and humidity of your house from anywhere in the world. Of course our interactive interfaces will give you ability of scheduling the thermostat for your dady to day needs.
Video Surveillance
And Much More…