What is Smart Office?
Don’t worry about which wall jack or cable to use, conveniently display your content on the screen wirelessly from your laptop or tablet:
A new boardroom should be able to easily accommodate traditional presentations with a dedicated PC, as well as modern meetings wheres everybody brings their own device to present, whether it will be a MacBook, Surface Pro, Phone or Tablet.
Traditional wall jacks often become too cumbersome to use, requiring the use of multiple adapters due different port technologies that are constantly changing (HDMI, DisplayPort, etc).
With Arso Automations, not only do we set you up with a boardroom that easily accommodates various devices with a simple click, but multiple devices can be presenting at the SAME TIME!
Avoid having to use multiple remotes and knobs, set everything up for the meeting with a single button press, no need to call the tech guy every time!

Conventionally in order to get the board room ready, the person needs to:

  1. Turn on the projector with its remote…wait until it warms up and figure out the right input depending on the application (presentation, video conference, etc)

  2. Put the projector screen down from the wall switch or remote

  3. For each TV, find it’s remote and turn on the TV and set it to the right input again depending on the application

  4. Adjust the volume of the speakers from the wall knob

  5. Turn down the blinds with the wall switch or remote or manually

  6. Turn on the lights to the appropriate level

  7. When the meeting is over, turn off all the devices with their remotes and return the screen, blinds and light back to normal levels.

As you can imagine, this process can be quite frustrating for shared boardrooms with lots of traffic where unfamiliar and non tech savvy people are plenty.
With a smart boardroom, you don’t need to call the tech guy to come over every time, you simply use the custom graphic interface whether if on the table or in wall, and select the appropriate button (“I want to present” , “Video Conference” , “Intermission” , “Turn System Off”) and just sit back while the system automates the process. Further, in the middle of the meeting if you decide to adjust the volume, lights or blind or any component do it all from the interface, no need to get up.
Get status of the projector’s lamp hours for easy maintenance scheduling

Another benefit of a smarter boardroom is that it will automatically alarm the technical staff about the status of the critical equipment such as the projector’s lamp health through email or text. Equipped with this data, the staff can strategically allot service calls to ensure that each presentation is run smoothly and worry free.

Saving energy using automated lights and shades
For spaces with big windows, daylight harvesting is your greatest opportunity for energy savings. A very effective way to achieve this is to automate the lights and shades to work together in harmony to provide maximum efficiency by lowering the lighting levels and opening the shades when there is enough daylight available. All the parameters are calculated and you simply set the desired light levels you need and have the system automatically adjust the light and blinds.
Furthermore, in addition to lights you can have the board check the power status of each equipment at the end of the day and automatically turn off all the unnecessary ones until the morning.
Video walls are now possible
If you ever wanted to have multiple TV’s in a video wall configuration, it’s now possible! What’s more is you change easily the configuration of the video wall on the fly. Perhaps have one for the video conference and use the others to share data. Or have all four TV’s ac as one. All with a single touch of a button with instantaneous results.