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One of the first elements to consider for automation of your home is mart lighting control. There are many great benefits in light automation. From huge energy saving and light scheduling, to security and much more. Once you replace your conventional light switches with our intelligent dimmers, we will be able to program your lights to do anything you want when you want it. Here are few examples of what you can do with our smart lighting system:
Control from smartphone or iPad.
Once you are in Bed at night and forgot to turn off some of the lights, you just pick up your phone or iPad and turn off the lights. You could do the same remotely from your office or anywhere in the world.
Our platform currently supports Apple IOS, Android and windows.
Create Scenes
By creating scenes, you can perform multiple tasks at once by pressing a button. For example, once you click on “Movie” on your ipad or in-wall keypad, any light that is already on will turn off and TV room’s lights will slowly dimm down to 10%. If you get your home entertainment devices integrated, through the same scene, your TV, rogers box, receiver will also be switched on to your movie channel. Other scenes such as Away, Schedule or Good Night mode will work similarly. All you need to do is replace your light switch and let us program it all for you.
Let’s say you are going on vacation and you dont want to leave your house dark at nights. Given that you already have smart dimmers installed in the house, you will be able to select random lights to turn on at specific time of a day. For example, once you hit “Schedule” on your phone or in-wall keypad, exterior lights will turn on one hour after sunset everyday and turn off when you want it to. Also your living room and master bedroom lights could be scheduled when you are away to give the feeling that someone is home.
Energy Savings
Automation of lights brings you significant deduction in energy consumption and its cost. When you schedule lights or use motion sensors to turn them on only when needed, you are removing the chance of forgetting to turn off lights. On top of that, using the fact that 10% deduction in light level is not noticeable by bare eyes, we program our dimmers to 90% brightness at its highest level. Just imagine how much energy you will be saving on long run.
This video is a quick demo of lower end solution for lighting automation: