Bring out the most harmonic and relaxing atmosphere with a mixture of a relaxing music played, a nice video streamed in all your display TVs, all fountains / fireplaces start working and a romantic lighting system applied in any part of the facility. Hotel automation also brings the following advantages:
  • A fully custom programmable room booking management system

  • You can have various pre-programmed scenes for all of your needs; whether you hold a special event or run weekly shows, you can set your preferred lighting, audio and video for that specific event.

  • In-Room personalized guest experience. Guests can manage their own customized wake-up alarm, TV, music and automated shade.

  • Saving energy and of course money on automated lighting system and climate control, for unoccupied or checked-out rooms.

  • Personalized hotel app for guests. A perfect place where they can control their audio/lighting/video etc. and to request room service, in-room breakfast delivery or even request their UBER ride within the hotel app.

  • Get text message or email notifications for every staff that has not been signed in at their shifts, get monthly employee worked hours report and much more!