Whole Restaurant Under Control
Restaurant Control System
Running a restaurant is no easy task! Especially during peak hours or on sport event dates, While serving food and satisfying the customers can be a smooth process due to experienced staff, adding responsibility of managing the Audio, Video, Shades, Lights and background music are things that often slow the rhythm of good customer service. One solution would be an easy to use automation system, it can easily make the situation smoother by Providing easy to use application to take control. Customizing an interface for your business to help automate day to day time consuming tasks.
Take Control By:
Speeding up the Opening Process
With pre-programed opening tasks, the person responsible for opening can just with a click turn all the lights on adjust the temperature, turn all tvs on and play a pleasant background music as well.
When you have an automated restaurant, all you need to do to set the right scene for afternoon, evening, game time, and etc. is to press a single button on the touchscreen interface and all your TV’s will switch to the right input. Music will turn to game audio, Lights and shades will be set to the right level and all your staff will focus on serving food and satisfying customers.
Scheduling event to occur automatically
You can make life easier for yourself and your staff by being ensured about quality of mundane tasks by automating them. Such as lowering the shades during afternoons and TVs to all change to specific game that is happening on specific day for your customers.
Setting up Video walls and Control everything easily.
Now you can have an beautiful video wall system that not only has an easy to use interface that the entire staff can use, but the configuration of the video wall can be changed on the fly with zero delay.
Being able to Display food specials on the TV’s
When there is a game on, all the eyes are focused on the TV’s. Now with the automated system, not only can you easily distribute the game to multiple TV’s, but as a cherry on top you can overlay your food specials on the displays as well.
Smoother Closing Process
Ensuring that all your A/V equipment alongside lights and sound system are turned off when the restaurant is closed not only saves energy but also will extend the lifetime of the equipment. With an automated system you can have the processor automatically check and take the proper action in case your staff forgot.
Special Services
Smart Menu
Printing paper menus and having it redone each time something changes in your regular menu is an unnecessary headache.
A custom designed easy to use smart menu for your staff as well as custom design enjoyable to use menu for your customers can increase your business efficiency impressively.
You can have your menu custom designed for you with features you choose to have. Completely flexible with all the changes you want to make even last minute on chefs’ special. Your customers are going to enjoy the comfort of using your smart menu, they can easily filter it and categories it based on their favorite dishes as well as crossing out foods they might have allergic towards the ingredients.
First we will design a custom easy to use application for your menu system, programing it in a way that is easy for you and your employees to work with.
Then we will customize a beautiful interface for your customer to browse through on ipads you provide for them in the restaurant. After all the programing and setup is done the rest is all advantages that you get from having a smart menu:
You only have to set up everything one time, once you have your completely custom designed menu ready and set up, any changes you make in menu is going to automatically get updated on all the devices and your website so you don’t have to be worried about updating your menu on your website anymore, we can easily connect them all together so by changing your main menu on your app the website menu gets updated as well.
Your menu will be mobile friendly for your customer to browse through it even before coming in, or for ordering online, instead of having many PDF files on your website you will have a dynamic menu exactly similar to what you have on your i-pads in the restaurant.
Easily showcase your course menu, have your breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner menu all design separately and have them up by schedule at any time of the day you want them to be available for customers to choose from.
Making changes to your menu’s are as easy as clicking few buttons, you can hide prices or change them easily based on your needs as well as crossing off a certain dish from the menu or even adding a new one last minute instead. You can also Update your wine list easily based on your wine inventory.
One of the top of the line features would be the translator option, to have your menu in also French for example in Canada or any other language for that matter based on the origin authenticity of your restaurant.
Having a smart menu, would not only save on staff tasks and focus their responsibility on more important tasks but also makes it much easier for customer to take their time see all the descriptions of foods put their order together and submit it faster.
With smart menu features we also offer payments at the table on the ipads, this might be one of the most convenient features we offer cause your customer don’t have to wait for their water or waitress to come at the end of the night specially in peak hours to bring the bill, as soon as they feel like they are ready to go they can make the payment through the ipad on their table and submit the confirmation of the payment easily done in just few minutes.
Smart booth
Smart booth, is an amazing concept that we have been working on in ARSO to add value and luxury to the restaurant automation system that we provide for your business.
With the smart booth package we will Design a custome luxuriece modern booth according to your taste and restaurant theme. These booths are going to be completely automated and being controled with an ipad, as a result in each booth you can have following control systems:
  • The lighting mood in the booth can change based on customer’s mood:
    • Dimmed down to romantic mood
    • Brighter
    • There can be a harmony between music and the light
  • There is going to be dedicated speakers to just their booth to listen to the music they enjoy while eating (there will we whole range of playlists to choose from on the ipad on their table)

  • They can see through the whole menu choose their meal get suggestions see comments on the meals from other customers to help them make their decision. (this service will be already included in our smart menu package)

  • The booth temperature can be changed from the i-pad so that customers are comfortable within the booth.

  • While they are waiting there can be entertaining games on their i-pad for them to enjoy their waiting time, they can see movie trailers on the ipad or short funny clipsThey can choose from TV channels and games that are on at the time and mirror it on the TV in the booth so they can enjoy the game or any program they want to see
Basically you give them the quality and class of eating in a luxury restaurant with the comfortable options they can have from dining at home, it’s an experience to remember.
Bigger booths can be prepared and privatize for private events and partied with option of having dance music, karaoke more active PlayStation and Xbox games for them to enjoy as well as option of ordering whatever they want at any time without you having to have your staffs being on edge of checking on them every few minutes to see if they are needing anything.