Whole Restaurant Under Control
What is restaurant control system?
In an automated restaurant environment, owners and managers do not have to be worry about mundane tasks keeping track of routines to be done all day long.
First thing in morning, with hit of an “Opening” button a series of pre-programmed actions happen automatically. Each light goes to exact percentage needed while temperature is adjusted throughout the restaurant. At the same time necessary electronic devices including TVs, satellite receiver, music sources or radio, cash register computers, office computers and all the electrical equipment in the kitchen will turn on and start functioning. All of that with single touch of a button on your phone, computer or keypad at entrance of the restaurant.
Once you have the automation hardware laid out in your restaurant, then a whole new world opens to your work habits and disciplines. A simple example would be scheduling the entertainment devices to turn on at peak time and go to the right sport channel. Or with use of motion detectors, analyze behaviours of your customers.
This is just the beginning. With our control system you will always have everything under control. While real time access to your surveillance cameras from your phone is valuable, you could also receive notifications about any action that is taking place without physically being there. Controlling everything remotely is a feature that will always give you peace of mind no matter how far you are from your business, if you are in a few days of vacation or just few hours of meeting away from office.

Imagine when everyone is so tired at closing, how easy it is to press “Closing” button and know everything in turned off, doors are locked, security is armed and your energy consumption is in the minimum.

Combination of all the features our control system offers brings discipline to your restaurant environment as well as assurance for yourself that everything is getting done the way you want it and at its best.
Pre-programmed scenes
Automatic group of actions make lots of sense when it’s about speed of work and efficiency. In the morning when opening and keeping track of all the detailed tasks that need to be get done gets out of control, just hitting the “opening” button makes everything organized more accurate and under control. Eliminates missing of important little to dos.
The programming of your opening button is something that will be done with your direct input in terms of your needs and requirements at the time of opening until the next scheduled event during the day.
For and example: At 8:30 when your first Shift of employees starts their day, the person in charge of opening will hit the opening button at time of entrance, based on what you defined for the control system :
  • All the lights will go on…

  • Then only the sections that are in use in that time of the morning will have their full lighting, lights from other unused sections will dim down…

  • The temperature will go on to what you set for it to be in the morning time …

  • Music will start to play…

  • Extra electronic machines will be turned on based on their usefulness for the morning shift…

  • TV’s turned on and will show what ever they are assigned to automatically, News channel, music channel or just the menu of the day and food photos from your main menu…

  • Everything is set for the smooth opening with no errors.

  • All the blinds for windows to go half way down or fully down based on amount of sunlight in the room at certain time of the day such as noon.

  • Temperature will be set differently throughout the day and now you don’t have to be worried about that cause all can be set accordingly and based on schedule and daily weather.

Remote control
You can remotely control everything going on in your restaurant. Your restaurant control system app will be installed on your phone, laptop or tablet. At any time and point of the day with simple click on the camera icon at any area of your restaurant you can see what is going on there, You can also remotely check if everything was turned on properly in the morning and turned off at night time during the night time.
One of the advantages is that if you don’t want to give the security code or enterance password to some of your employees who happen to be in charge of opening and closing in certain days you can easily just take control and open and close without physically being there. And for the staff who do have the pass code, you can receive notifications at their exact time of arrival. You will also get notifications regarding the fact that it’s time for opening and the restaurant was not opened or it’s time for closing but it’s taking more than usual time for your staff to close it so you can check and see what is really going on in the kitchen or dining area.
Entertainment Control

Turn on group of TVs with just a click through the tablet control system in the restaurant or even remotely from your phone while playing the regular classical playlist in the other area of the restaurant. 

At any time of the day you can program series of actions to take place based on your schedule and daily routines or special events. Such as: 

  • Scheduling TVs to show the video input from ESPN at certain time of the day based on that days games scheduled.

  • While Certain areas can show the basketball game other TVs are showing baseball and TVs at the bar hockey games.

  • At the same time your designated area for families is showing funny videos or entertaining clips.

  • We can also program it in a way that while each game goes on commercials in half time your TVs actually shows your special menus. You can also have specials in an info bar at bottom of your TVs around the restaurant.   

The interesting part is that you don’t need an IT guy or specialist to set all these up, our app makes it so easy that anyone in your restaurant can be in charge of applying all these and scheduling series of actions. So you are in complete control at any time of the day, before action takes place if you decide to change or cancel it you can easily manage to do so without having to have someone to do it for you.At any point if you want to change or edit anything that is written on your screens you can easily do so.
You are going to be your technical guy and we are going to be there to back you up with our programmings.
How much does it cost?

As you can already guess, a restaurant control system is built of different components. Depending on number of TVs, Audio zones, cameras, the services you choose to have on your app and etc. your package gets bigger or smaller so the cost varies.

It is easy to give you an estimate once you tell us about components of your restaurants and your interests. 

It is always a good idea to start with what matters to you most, and after you realize the benefits of automating your restaurant,you can upgrade. Our systems are modular. That means you can always expand it on demand and they remain as an asset for your investment. It’s not like a computer that you have to replace every year to make it better. You just add to your app, and you will have the privilege of using any update we make in our system programing down the road. 

  1. Design: We will make sure to completely understand your daily challenges. Once we fully understand what your interests are and get a sense of your budget then we would start with design of your system. A proper design allows us to optimize your system and give you as much as possible within your budget.  

  1. We run cables: After reviewing the design with you and finalizing the wiring schematics, our field team gets involved and starts with running the wires.

  1. We install : Our expert crew will seamlessly install the equipment and mount any TV or projector you may have.

  1. We program: Once the physical work is finished, our programmers get to work to make the magic happen. Lead programmer will review possibilities with you to make sure you get exactly what you need.

  1. We support: After sales support is the most important part of our work. As a business owner or manager, you need to have a flawless system that is always ready and healthy to function. We know that very well and that is why in our product development we have prepared foundations for immediate and remote supports to solve your potential problems in few seconds.