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Over years of providing low voltage and automation systems to developers and homeowners, we know exactly where the optimal system is to provide maximum value and luxurious impression to home buyers while accounting for builder’s budget.
The biggest challenge for builders in large scale development is that they don’t have the budget to include a reasonable automation system that homeowner can enjoy for many years. When home owners approach us for upgrades after construction, we are limited with we can do; simply because there was not enough technical knowledge behind wiring design of the homes. In order to be able to provide homeowners with what they need, we started working with builders within their existing budget but on a win-win model that benefits both builder and homebuyer.
By taking care of the low voltage rough-in of community homes, we have the chance to implement the right wiring design that will not have shortage for home automation systems. It is not about adding to the cost, it is about optimizing the budget on the right design.
Who are we?
ARSO automations has been offering smart home solutions to community and townhouse builders across the GTA since 2010. We are among the top 5 automation system designers in Canada. We were the consecutive Cedia award winner of years 2013 – 2015.
Our strong technical team is always working hard to bring innovative and outstanding solutions to builders who are looking for quality.ARSO makes sure to deliver maximum functionality through proper design and reliable products so that it can satisfy both builders’ and homeowners’ needs. Our operation team is well-trained and is very good at taking instructions from our engineers.
What do we offer?
Within the same budget you already have we offer you a lot more! Arso is a company with technical knowledge that designs the wiring schematics beforehand and satisfies the homeowners’ needs, while it buying reputation for the builders.
On the basic side we provide community homes with:
  • Full electrical and low voltage wiring design for basic homes and ultimate smart homes

  • Roughing in your LV and Electrical (Performed by ARSO electrical)

  • Finishing and installation of equipment

  • Smart home upgrade packages

Smart home solutions are considered to be one of every house’s must-haves. It does not necessarily have to be very detailed, but it should at least satisfy the basic wants of the new home buyers. ARSO automations not only provides these packages for community builders, but also leaves enough room for home owners’ future expansion.

How is it done?
Depending on the level of our involvement in your project, ARSO will be a trade that provides support from early stages of planning, all the way to finishing and commissioning when homeowners move in. Here are the phases of a typical community project.
  1. Design Phase: Planning in-time is the key to a headache-free project. Advertising your development with the smart home options in pre-sales time helps you much faster and higher. Beside the basic package that provides a solid automation foundation to the project, your buyer’s will have the option of upgrading to one of the smart home packages. We offer a free consultation session at one of our own showrooms to brief your clients on what they will get and how it will benefit their life style.

Once we know what kind of upgrades each property has, our designers and engineers will start working on the wiring schematics and plan for hassle-free rough-in.

  1. Customization Phase: There are often 10% of homeowners who have special demands and require customizations to their home entertainment and automation system. We will take care of the picky ones for you and deal with them down the road. Any design changes are submitted before the deadline.

  1. Rough-in Phase: Our operation team is very good as following the designs, run cables properly, label them and inspect them before insulation. Some developers prefer to have their own in-house team to take care of the rough-in which is absolutely fine with ARSO. In that case your project will have a dedicated inspector that enforces the design and makes sure everything is performed in professional manner.

  1. Installation and Programming: Let the magic happen!Once the previous phases are done, our technicians and programmers will setup and program devices based on home owners’ preferences. We will keep a close relationship with your project manager(s) to ensure in-time installations to leave room for potential patchings and touch ups.

  1. Commissioning: Unlike most of your trades might run away after they are done, we are one of those who loves to stay around to support and train home owners. In fact this is the time when our business starts by expanding on the system and providing ongoing support to our state of the art smart home systems. And that’s how you as a developer will gain reputation as we make your buyer happier.

There is only so much that could be listed here. We strongly encourage you to meet one of our sales representatives and discuss different collaboration opportunities.